CCTV is an important tool to defend your home or business against theft, shoplifting or dishonest employees.

It is also very effective in stopping graffiti and vandalism on your property.

We can install outdoor and indoor cameras as well as covert (hidden cameras) and high visibility cameras.

Employee theft is a major problem in businesses toady and cameras placed in the correct locations around your premises can hugely reduce the amount of stock stolen by employees.

Check outs and money drawers can be a source of temptation for theft by employees and a camera located above this can dramatically reduce theft.

Our systems are reliable, effective and simple to use.

Our systems are able to be viewed remotely. (Requires ADSL with preferably a fixed IP address.

This means you can log on to your camera from your iphone other suitable handset or computer and view your premises from anywhere in the world. (Must be discussed at time of consultation as additional setup may be required)

You can also reduce the need for security guards in some instances by using multiple and moving cameras some known as (PTZ) which means Pan – Tilt & Zoom, which in turn can be programmed to scan specific areas.