For total building security and full door access control, Tecom and Concept  are an ideal solution. These systems deal with multiple areas, multiple user levels and can be used for building automation – for example, switching on air conditioning and lights , lift access control and gate access. For the smaller premises we can install Digiplex. We can also supply end user software solutions for larger premises that have a high staff turnover and require regular user code and access updates making it simple for the end user to keep control of their staff environment.

Before building, talk to us about your requirements. We can design the security system and or access control straight from your building plans. This will allow you to have the best solution tailored to your building requirements at the right price.

For those who need the added security of a surveillance system, we can install CCTV and video surveillance equipment, including covert cameras, with ether DVR (Digital Video Recorder) or NVR (Network Video Recorder) and specialized cameras with NPR (number plate recognition), so once again if you are building then the most cost effective solution is to install all cabling and perhaps include  your networking at the same time before walls are gibed and roofs sealed.