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Closed circuit television is an important tool to defend your home or business against theft, shoplifting or dishonest employees.  It is also very effective in stopping graffiti and vandalism on your property.  We can install outdoor and indoor cameras as well as covert (hidden cameras) and high visibility cameras.

Employee theft is a major problem in businesses toady and cameras placed in the correct locations around your premises can hugely reduce the amount of stock stolen by employees.   Read More

C4000bOur aim is to find the most suitable and cost effective solution for YOU. Whether it’s your home or commercial premises, Kiwi Alarms 2000 Limited offers an extensive range of equipment specifically designed and tailored to meet any situation or requirement you may have. Our systems can be fully monitored for burglary, fire and panic signals by the monitoring station or can be programmed to dial your mobile phones in the event of an activation known as personal dialling.  Read More
Access control greatly enhances the effectiveness of a security system.access control 2  Access control uses many different technologies depending on the customers’ requirements. These include card readers, access cards and tags as well as biometrics which include finger print and retina recognition.  When a card or tag is presented at a reader, the system analyses the data stored onto the card and determines whether the user has authority to enter based on access level date and time. The system then stores the information and records the activity for future reference.
Once an access control system is installed, all doors controlled by the system will automatically lock when the door is closed. Anyone without authorised access right down to a time or even day is unable to enter.  This provides peace of mind protection for your premises and your staff.  Read More
Your peace of mind for the most part is knowing that when your alarm activates, there is someone there who will come out to check on you and your property, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week especially when you can’t be there. For this reason, it is worth while looking at having your alarm system monitored for burglary, panic and fire signals.

When the monitoring station receives a signal from your alarm system, the monitoring operators will immediately respond to the signal based on and according to your personal instructions. They will be able to tell, not only which zone was activated, but whether it is a burglary signal, fire signal or panic alarm and will take the necessary action. The alarm sends a test signal to the monitoring station once a day basically a (welfare) check so they know it is still on-line and will alert them immediately if you have a problem with your back-up battery, zone tamper or even an AC failure.  Read More

For your home choosing the correct security system is an important matter.  Lets discuss your requirements and expectations and we will provide you with options and advise you which system is best to protect the people and possessions you value the most.home security 1

We have a wide range of options available that have advanced technology and superior performance designed for specific purposes.

There is more to consider when choosing a security system. Other options we can advise you on are fire safety, nurse call systems, CCTV (close circuit television), key-ring remotes, panic buttons, video door phones, pet friendly detectors, extra sensors and servicing and monitoring plus preventive maintance.  Read More

For total building security and full door access control, Tecom and Concept 3000 are an ideal solution. These systems deal with multiple areas, multiple user levels and can be used for building automation – for example, switching on air conditioning and lights , lift access control. For the smaller premises we can install Digiplex.

Before building, talk to us about your requirements. We can design the security system and or access control straight from your building plans. This will allow you to have the best solution tailored to your building requirements.

For those who need the added security of a surveillance system, we can install C.C.T.V. and video surveillance equipment, including covert cameras, once again if you a building then the most cost effective solution is to install all cabling before walls are gibbed.  Read More

24hr Alarm Monitoring

Your peace of mind for the most part is knowing that when your alarm activates, there is someone there who will come out to check on you and your property, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week especially when you can’t be there. For this reason, it is worth while looking at having your alarm system monitored for burglary, panic and fire signals.

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Servicing is extremely important to ensure your security system is working at it’s peak performance.  We offer a fully scheduled maintenance package to all of our clients.  This includes fault and repair work and ensures your alarm system is correctly maintained and kept in top working condition.  “Prevention is better than cure”

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Technical Support

We are here to help weather you are a new or existing client, so don’t hesitate to contact us.   We cover all the major brands and then some.
We are Concept and Tecom certified as well. We have affiliates nationwide who can assist you if a technical visit is required.

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We provide services to Homes and businesses alike with alarm monitoring, installation, service including repair we are also licensed private investigators aligned with ex NZ Police operatives specialised in this field.  Kiwi Alarms 2000 Limited has installed numerous security systems and CCTV systems and as our valued customers, we believe in handling all of your security needs personally and look forward to discussing which is best for your particular circumstance.   We offer full installation and service providing customer education and can deal with any faults that may occur.

We guarantee the highest quality of workmanship combined with the highest quality equipment carrying excellent warranties as well and of course accompanied by knowledge gained from many years of experience in this field as no one site is the same. So if you just wanting to secure your premises or have an issue with staff theft or perhaps require some high end surveillance we are only a phone call away or e-mail if you prefer. For more information on the services that we can offer contact the Kiwi Security Professionals today.

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